Changing the edifice in Malawi, one life at a time.

Another successful mobile clinic in the books.

With the help of the Trinity First Presbyterian team, YWAM team, the Rainbow team, and several clinical officers from the ABC clinic, this past Tuesday May 28, 2013, E3 was able to host another mobile clinic in Gusu. This time around a little over 600 people visited and were able to receive treatment. Fortunately, there were not as many severe chronic cases as we have seen in the past. It would appear that the last few years of mobile clinics have helped get the diabetics, epileptics, and other chronic illnesses under control. Verson once again needed to drain an abscess for a patient who comes quite regularly but this time he was able to get what causes the abscess in her neck removed so hopefully this will be the end of her problems.


Dr. Collipp and Sandram consult with a patient.


Todd and Becky lead the team setting up the pharmacy.


Kimmy right back at it doing malaria tests. She had a scare the last time but she is one tough cookie.


The Trinity kids counting and packing hundreds of packets of medication. They were real troopers.

The most notable case came from a woman who was involved in a bicycle accident and had severe scrapes to her head and limbs. The accident happened the day before we arrived. Because the hospital where she went was out of basic medical material she wasn’t able to get a lot of help. Fortunately, she was able to attend our mobile clinic. The doctors were able to attend to the scrapes, bandage her up, and get her some antibiotic shots. We will now follow up with her to make sure she has no complications.


All we can say is, “Ouch!”.

The teams were great and jumped into their assigned tasks with much enthusiasm and once again, Dennis, Neveson, and Sandram were fantastic help. Since Becky is leaving in a couple of weeks, Sam and Malla will be taking on the duties for coordinating the clinics. Malla did a great job this time around handing out the medicine. Sam was unable to attend because the Millennium Challenge and World Bank representatives were visiting the E3 project site and Sam was busy giving the full tour. The representatives were looking for an organization that is doing holistic community transformation and involving the community in every aspect. They are hoping to duplicate the E3 approach and use E3 as a teaching or training facility. We shall see where that leads.


Verson, the consummate clinical warrior always ready and willing to help.


Malla with her never ending smile handing out medicine.

Once again we thank all of you who help make the E3 mobile clinics a success. We only wish that each of you could visit and experience for yourself the difference your support is doing in the village of Gusu and the surrounding communities. If you are interesting in bringing a team for a visit and helping out in the community we are looking for teams to come visit at different times next year 2014. Send us an email at for more information.

E3; educate, empower, employ.

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