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Call them Butter ’cause they’re on a Roll.

Gusu/Jidi F.C.

After several tries and one runner up finish, the home team for Gusu/Jidi won the E-3 Worldwide 7-A-Side football tournament. Team Two #5 placed 2nd and Chibanzi placed third.


First place; Jidi

Second place; Two #5

Second place; Two #5

The day started rough for Jidi when they tied their first game but came back to win the next two and qualified for the playoff round. The semi-finals came down to a tie and a shootout but the sure footwork of the team allowed for a 3-2 win.

After a very hard fought finals game that saw the Two #5 team play a very physical game it came down to a tie once again. Jidi missed their first shot and Two #5 went ahead 0-1. After the first miss, Jidi went on a tear and scored 4 straight to take the championship 4-3.

The first place team received 3 footballs and 5,000 kwacha, second place team received 2 footballs and 5,000 kwacha, third place team received 1 ball and 5,000 kwacha, and the high scorer of the day received 5,000 kwacha.


First place prize; three balls and cash.

High scorer prize; 5,000 kwacha.

High scorer prize; 5,000 kwacha.

Second place prize; 2 balls and cash

Second place prize; 2 balls and cash

Since Sandram Phiri, E’3’s Sports and Discipleship Director, has become the coach of the Jidi team they have gone on a proverbial tear winning the E-3 tournament and winning the first two games of the Malawi Presidential Cup qualifying for the district level. Sandram has become a sort of community hero with his work coaching the adult and junior teams and with his effort in setting up discipleship groups. His involvement with the community has inspired others in Jidi to step up and do more for their community.

Sandram Phiri

Sandram Phiri

E-3, through its holistic approach to community development and missions believes that there is more to life than just work; play is an integral part of a full life. It is also a vehicle for the community and surrounding areas to come together for fellowship and sharing common ground. Many surrounding villages and communities are getting exposure to sustainable agriculture and development and are starting to send representatives to Gusu asking Dennis and Sandram to come teach them. This is what we call “Organic Growth” coming from inside the communities and is very important for long term change.

We are looking for a few good sponsors for the sports section of E-3. Small portable goal posts for tournaments, footballs, and team jersey sets are at the top of the list. If you can help with these items please send us an email and we will contact you.

E-3; Educate, Empower, Employ.

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